Memorandum of Understanding signed by Thailand’s Ministry of Digital Economy and Society and Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland to enhance 9 areas of development in digital technology.

Date: 22/08/2018 | Center

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aims to enhance the development on telecommunications, information technology and communications as well as digital technology, which play an important role in economy promotion, technology exchange, the development of economy, society and culture to foster mutual interaction in investment, technology development, market expansion and human resource development based on equality and diversity and provides for continued strengthening of Finland-Thailand future collaboration. 

The cooperation between the two countries will initiate a shared knowledge, area of expertise and experience to enhance government and private sectors an opportunity for interactions through meeting arrangement, workshop, seminar, the exchange of good practices as well as country visit. The agreement sets first at 3-year term and will automatically extend at appropriate time.

The Minister of Economic Affairs of Finland also took this opportunity to bring businessmen from leading energy and digital companies to meet the Minister of Digital Economy and Society and will visit and discuss on economic collaboration with Thai Ministers of Thailand later on.