Smart City project for digital economy

การขับเคลื่อน Phuket Smart City

According to the government’s digital economy policy to increase the competitiveness, Smart City is one of the project supported by the government through the Software Industry Promotion Agency (Public Agencies) or SIPA. Phuket Province is set to be the first Smart City in Thailand and to be a city with revised obstructing regulations and laws to increase the flexibility of business and investments from foreigners.
Why Phuket?
In terms of the appropriateness of the area, Phuket is a tourist attraction with outstanding natural resources. Phuket ranks 15th as the world’s leading tourist cities and Phuket has the ICT infrastructures already prepared such as fast, highly-stable communicative network. Phuket is also a strategic city that will become the industrial city for high-technology businesses in the future which will strengthen the industry in Thailand.
Smart City: The implementation can be divided into 4 parts;

1. Certified Digital Workers/Investors project to support and give benefits to digital workers and investors
2. Innovation park establishment to support super cluster digital
3. Research and development of ecosystem and incentive study and roadshow to gather measures to support and develop Smart City
4. Smart WiFi development program


  1. To create ecosystem and environment that supports the development of digital innovations
  2. To promote industrial development and digital innovations
  3. To be a hub for digital services in ASEAN and hub for connection to foreign countries
  4. To attract digital workers and investors, and software companies from around the world to work and invest in Phuket
  5. To create learning opportunities and share knowledge from experts
  6. To foster startups and drive digital economy effectively

To develop Phuket as Smart City in terms of Smart Economy and Smart Living Community and to be the hub for digital industry in the region that will attract investors and tourists.