Internet of Things: From Hype to Reality

วันที่: 08/02/2561 | ส่วนกลาง

The Internet of Things has gone from being a buzzword to almost an imperceptible part of our lives. It is so everywhere that most of the time people do not realize the technology is there. The applications of Internet of Things are numerous, with a variety of sensors in smartphones, smart cars, smart homes, smart public infrastructure (streetlights, elevators, escalators, roads) to smart shops and smart factories and so on so forth. In other words, with the Internet of Things, the truly “smart” era has already arrived.

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society of Thailand has recognized the importance of the Internet of Things, and therefore endeavor to promote the development of the Internet of Things in Thailand through various initiatives. The Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), with its main mission to promote the development of digital industry and innovation (including the Internet of Things) as well as the adoption of digital technology in all sectors in Thailand, is entrusted to establish the Internet of Thing Institute to create an ecosystem to nurture the development of the Internet of Things, and therefore joined hands with World Bank to host a prestigious seminar titled “Internet of Things: From Hype to Reality” to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To promote awareness of the Internet of Things in Thailand and adoption of the technology in order to catalyze digital transformation in both public and private sectors
  2. To launch a World Bank’s report titled “Internet of Things: The New Government to Business Platform” for the first time in Asia so that interested parties can learn of use cases, new opportunities, practices, and challenges that come with the Internet of Things
  3. To discuss the potential opportunities that will be created by the development of the Internet of Things in Thailand and how to make the Internet of Thing work in the country.
  4. To provide a networking forum where interested parties can connect with both domestic and international experts on the Internet of Things
  5. To kick off a collaboration on digital economy promotion between World Bank and DEPA in three areas, namely Smart City, IoT Institute, and Benchmarking Indicators

The target audience of this seminar will include international communities, government organizations, businesses of all sizes and the public. The seminar is a half day event on Monday February 26, 2018, from 8.30 am – 12.00 pm, at Aster Ballroom, The St. Regis Bangkok Hotel.