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innovative ideas

Today, new technologies and innovations have been developed. And our lives are more convenient. Especially in the field of medicine. It will be able to deal with various diseases. Take a look at the 5 innovative ideas that the government has made. We can change our world as much as possible.

  • Hololens is being developed by Microsoft. This is a holographic technology that displays holograms to wearers and can be tangible. It helps study of anatomy extremely.

  • The Smart Contact Lens, developed by Google, is a tiny, miniature contact lens that can help you measure your sugar level. This is very useful for diabetics because it will analyze the patient data at any time.

  • 3D printing is the process of creating materials as designed from digital information. Currently used for medical purposes. The development of artificial limbs effective. Including the creation of new organs to use in the transplant in the future as well.

  • The difficulty is cancer surgery. The doctors can not know the extent of the tumor clearly. If they cut tumor too less, the tumor may remain. But the knives will be able to detect where the tumor is, to cut it out of the body is purely pure.

  • Finally, with the innovation embedded in the chip to work with important internal organs such as lung, liver, kidney to monitor health for real time.