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Startup and SME.

Many people have heard of Startup and SME. We should clear that what kind we are doing to answer ourselves, what is the goal to focus on? Both types of businesses are different in three areas. . 🔔 initial size At the start of operation Startup. They will be very small and the products are often new ideas. While the SME startup will be bigger. And products are always tangible. . 🔔 initial concept Startup often starts with ideas about solving problem or find ways to respond to consumer life easier, such as grab business, while SMEs often start with existing products. . 🔔 use of technology Startup often uses new technologies and innovations to customers. While SME is use technology too but often is not new, just to improve the production process to respond to customers faster. . However, whether it is Startup or SME, the same thing is to adapt into changing of consumer and new technologies to survive in nowadays.