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Digital Manpower
Digital Learning Platform

A super-easy and fast learning platform to build your online training program in minutes. Train yourself please visit

depa Certified Courses for Digital Manpower

List of Digital Technology Courses certified by depa

Coding Thailand

Coding online learning platforms, with an integrated set of features and tools, enables teaching and learning in the online environment

Digital CEO Program

The depa Digital CEO Program offers you the rare opportunity to step back and reflect on actions geared to your organization's needs for greater global leverage.

Chief of Digital Agro Business program

Designed for a truly Digital Agro Business learning experience, the best CEO Program offers a unique forum for the exchange of ideas among digital senior executives.

Young CEO Program

Enhance your leadership and digital technology and innovation with application skills.


มาตรการช่วยเหลือหรือการอุดหนุนเพื่อการพัฒนากำลังคนดิจิทัล (depa Digital Manpower Fund)

Digital Academy Thailand Network

Digital Academy Thailand Network connects Thai universities, research institutions, private organisations for Digital Manpower Development Program.

Digital Manpower Funds

depa Digital Manpower Measure for the best chance of success entrepreneur, farmer, student, executive, and workforce