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2020 will be the third year of the Coding Thailand project by the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa), Ministry of Digital Economy and Society. To be a national online platform for promoting the learning of digital technology and computer science. Especially in computational science or coding, which is undeniable that learning coding is one of the essential skills for the younger generation to fully advance into the digital age.

In the implementation of the Coding Thailand project, depa has partnered with the leading global learning organization which non-profit organization, Microsoft (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Google, and Education to develop an online platform ( with full of quality learning material for the results obtained from the coding lesson. That will allow Thai children to practice systematic thinking which is the cornerstone of quality growth.

To drive Thailand into the digital economy and a tech-rich society in 2020, depa has prepared to push new projects and activities. To reinforce the learning of coding With a new look at the platform and there will be an increase in the number of learning materials covering more class levels. And new features will be added to the coding learning process Besides, the lessons will be continuously updated so that teachers can take lessons to teach supplementary Computational science and Computer science

depa continues to promote the importance of coding knowledge and skills to students, teachers, parents, and the public because coding will help learners to develop logical thinking, creative thinking, steps of coding, and learn the planning process.

As you know that Technology has played a role in this generation. So, learning to code is necessary because most technology is created by coding, for example, games and applications in the smartphone are products from coding. Learning code has no age restrictions. But the sooner you start the more rational and creative ideas you will have. Therefore, it should be encouraged to start at a young age. Because you will learn the structure of the answer and ideas for problem-solving in the various steps. Coding is also strengthened in other skills such as problem analysis, creative and computational thinking. is like an Online Knowledge Community that can be learned anywhere and anytime. By Combine knowledge and Entertainment media in order to encourage learners to be interested in the lessons without getting bored by creating the content of the computer programming lessons and programming concepts for elementary through high school students.

“Coding Colosseum: Coding's Playground” enjoy learning coding through playing the "Wild Boar Game", one of the best learning processes for young people.  Learning infotainment (Edutainment) and gameplay (Gamification) Let's help the wild boars out of the cave ..!

Coding Colosseum is the first platform in Thailand to create an Edutainment Program through Gamification, which has a prototype model and Proof of Concept from many countries that can grow. Really fundraising And create a broader positive impact Also, we will build, own (Owned) Platform, and develop our own games. Besides, we will build a complete system. That allows the user to create or use User Generated Content (UGC: User Generated Content) which is the basis for understanding the thinking process And systematic communication (Computational Thinking), which will be able to extend to other developments including an understanding of the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. (Artificial Intelligence) creating for children and youth in Thailand To become familiar with coding, academic listening is not the answer. It is accepted all over the world that One of the best learning processes for young people. Is learning infotainment (Edutainment) and gameplay (Gamification) that will stimulate interest Provide opportunities for youth to lead learning with creativity, fun, competition which will bring both pride Desire to develop And the desire to know (Curiosity) on their own. This will be essential to building the heart of lifelong learning for our youth. It is the origin of the project "Coding Colosseum: the playground for people who love to code"

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