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Digital CEO Program

Digital Economy Promotion Agency has a mission to promote and support the development of digital industries and innovation. Develop and promote the application of digital technology to benefit the economy, society, culture, and security of the country and drive the social economy. Therefore realizing the importance of development "Senior management" of government and private sectors Which is like being the driving force of the country

"Digital CEO" course is organized to support the development and production of digital manpower and to increase the competitiveness of the country. The course content aims to develop skills, knowledge and understanding about the transformation of technological elements and digital innovation in various dimensions that will have an impact on the management of policies and plans in the digital economy society. And can be analyzed, synthesized, applied and applied as well as strengthened relations between executives to become a network in accordance with the present and future world to be applied to their own organization effectively

There are training 1-2 days per week (at least 140 study hours). Including workshop and visiting to successful organizations both in the country and abroad.

Digital CEO course (3rd Generation) Available Here