IoT & Digital Innovation Institute
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IoT & Digital Innovation Institute

Depa establish the IoT Institute in the digital industry promotion zone. The objective is to provide technology infrastructure and digital innovation service, develop IoT tools and intelligent systems for small businesses, promote and transfer digital technology knowledge, promote the creation of new entrepreneurs doing IOT business, develop skills and understanding in the application of IoT technology for business, and provide consultancy and business matching between private sector and startups which stimulate economic growth of the country.

Located in the Digital Park Thailand and covered 60,000 sqm (30 rai), it is established to promote and support S-Curve industry which will enhance competitiveness and propel digital transformation of the country. Approximately 60% of the area will be designated for 5G lab, cloud innovation lab, AI design lab, and data analytics center.

IoT Institute comprise of 4 buildings. The first building is scheduled to be completed about 2 years from now and the remaining 3 buildings will be opened for joint venture by the private sectors.

Apart from providing the necessary infrastructure, digital ecosystem and business matching service between large tech companies and startups, IoT Institute is highly expected to attract  S-Curve industry (automotive, electronics, food, robotics, hardware, software, telecom, digital service and content and data). Investors are also entitled to receive one stop service by BOI and depa such as exemption on corporate and personal income tax and Smart VISA for foreign workers.

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          Being a leader in driving human resource development and the application of IoT and AI in the ASEAN region.


  • Support the cooperation with public and private sectors in the development of digital industry and innovation.
  • Promote investment from both domestic and foreign investors in the digital industry and innovation promotion zone and in other areas around the country
  • Enhance human resource development and create new entrepreneurs in digital technology and innovation
  • Perform other operations relating to the development of new businesses which have the potential to pioneer digital industry in the future


          Promote digital industry by focusing on R&D in digital innovation in line with Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Investment targets

With the ultimate goal of promoting and driving digital industry and developing digital ecosystem, IoT and Digital Innovation Institute has targeted a group of leading companies, at home and abroad, for joint investment in digital technology and innovation in Digital Park Thailand as followings:

  • Digital Technology and Innovation Development Target: This group is expected to drive country’s digital economy in the future which include Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Next Generation Telecom, Distributed ledger Technology, Quantum Computing, Automation
  • Digital Incubation and Acceleration Target: This group is expected to support digital startups by providing financial, legal, and other consultancy services through incubation/acceleration center and Digital Academy
  • Community Creation Target: This group is expected to apply digital technology and innovation to products and services provided for local resident which include smart retails, smart living, smart transport, and smart energy
  • Strategic Partners Target: This group, which consist of organizations, associations, and business alliance, is expected to strengthen digital industry and expand international cooperation.

Physical building

The Institute is located in Digital Park Thailand Laemchabang District, Chonburi province covering 30 rai and comprise 4 buildings as following:

Digital Startups and Co-Working Center (First building)  4,500 sqm.
Digital Innovation and Co-Creation Center (อาคารไอโอที 2)   พื้นที่ 40,000 ตารางเมตร

Digital Edutainment Complex (Third Building)               20,000 sqm.
Digital Global Connect (Fourth building)     20,000 sqm.

IoT Industrial Development Network Plan

  • The Institute, in cooperation with VISTEC and PTT has jointly established Thailand Artificial Intelligence Research Institute : VISTEC-depa AI Research Center) which is located at the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (Ladprao Hills, 2nd fl.) and in the premise of VISTEC, Wangjan District, Rayong Province.  The objective is to develop industry and innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) as well as to be a center for exchanging knowledge and research on AI and Data Science between government agencies, private sectors, academic institutions, and research units to enhance the skills and capability of students and technology personnel needed for the digital industry
  • The Institute, as the developer of IoT ecosystem, has collaborated with AIS in developing infrastructure to support digital innovations, such as developing a platform for developers while providing consulting services on bringing digital technology to help solve business problems.
  • The Institute, in cooperation with Industry Platform Pte Ltd of Singapore (host of ASIA IoT Business Platform), promote and support the application of digital technology, namely IoT, by SMEs. Thriving to become excellence center of IoT in ASEAN, the Institute also cooperate with other leading companies at home and abroad which include Institute for Information Industries (III), Nokia, Huawei, Tus-Holdings, Unity Technologie, and Spotwerk

Commencement of Digital Innovation Zone

The Cabinet approved the Eastern Economic Corridor Development project on 28 June 2016 aimed at developing Thailand's Eastern Seaboard into a leading economic zone in ASEAN and assigned the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society to establish Eastern Economic Corridor Digital Innovation Zone (EECd) or Digital Park Thailand as part of the Eastern Economic Corridor.

Digital Industry and Innovation Zone

           Being a regional center investment and development in digital industry and innovation, the Digital Industry and Innovation Zone will focus on the commercialization of digital innovation which add value to the country’s digital industry and upgrade the existing ICT industry to the New S-Curve Digital Industry through the integration of cooperation between government, private sector and educational institutions for resource pooling and infrastructure sharing as well as living lab and testbed sandbox, for instance testing of software system in real environment prior to inception

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There are plans to create a maker space and AR / VR Lab at the Digital Economy Promotion Agency, 2nd floor, Ladprao Hills Building through technical cooperation with the private sector. The area will be used as a space for development and consultancy for innovative IoT and AR / VR projects and testing of equipment/system by working with professional experts.

Furthermore, depa also invite companies that provide technology services such as cloud service, IoT platform, ISP, Software developer to provide knowledge on digital innovation and to create an enabling environment for the new generations, in  particular startups, to innovate and commercialize their ideas or products.

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