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Announcement of the Industrial and Digital Innovation Promotion Zone

The Cabinet has approved the principles of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) development project on June 28, 59, designating it as a leading economic zone in ASEAN. The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society has been assigned to establish the Industrial and Digital Innovation Promotion Zone of Thailand (Eastern Economic Corridor of Digital: EECd) or Digital Park Thailand as part of the EEC.

The Industrial and Digital Innovation Promotion Zone of Thailand aims to become a hub for trade, industrial investment, and digital innovation in the region. It focuses on attracting investments in digital businesses, fostering digital commerce and innovation, and adding value to the Thai digital industry. Collaboration is emphasized between the government, private sector, and educational institutions to encourage joint production and resource sharing. The goal is to create a significant digital innovation testbed for the country, easing regulations that might impede digital technology development (Living Lab & Testbed Sandbox), such as testing prototypes in real-world environments before deployment.

Development of the ASEAN Digital Hub

The policy aims to drive technology, innovation, and digital industry development towards becoming the "ASEAN Digital Hub." Starting with the "Industrial and Digital Innovation Promotion Zone (Digital Park Thailand: EECd)," covering an area of 830 acres, the objective is to establish a new high-level technology and digital innovation hub in ASEAN. The focus is on developing clusters for design and digital innovation, facilitating collaboration between global leading businesses and digital startups in designing, developing, and rapidly advancing technology and innovation before expanding into commercial markets, both domestically and internationally. The strategy includes attracting leading digital businesses to the area, providing investment incentives, creating markets or area advantages, and promoting collaborative development between private sector, education, and government. This is to create a significant digital innovation testbed for the country, where regulations may be eased to facilitate digital technology development (Living Lab & Testbed Sandbox), such as testing prototypes and software systems in real-world conditions.

Expansion of Outcomes from the IoT Institute to Thailand Digital Valley

To successfully drive the ASEAN Digital Hub according to the set goals, depa has been tasked with implementing the policy to drive technology, innovation, and the digital industry. This includes the development of Thailand Digital Valley, an expansion of the original concept of the IoT Institute on 30 acres in EECd. The goal is to attract investments in EECd by building confidence and motivation, fostering collaboration between the private sector, education, institutions, and the government. This initiative aims to create a Digital Ecosystem and Open Platform for startups, particularly in FinTech, AgriTech, TourismTech, HealthTech, EduTech, and GovTech. It also focuses on designing and developing high-level technology and digital innovations, with an intended application in smart cities across different provinces. The goal is to create a market for digital products and services developed in Thailand Digital Valley before expanding commercially, both domestically and internationally.


To be the leading organization driving the development of technology, innovation, and the digital industry, aiming to become the "ASEAN Digital Hub" for high-level technology and digital innovation in the ASEAN region.


  1. Promote and develop critical infrastructure to drive the digital industr
  2. Promote areas for analysis, testing, and digital product or service experimentation.
  3. Encourage investment in digital infrastructure, technology, and innovation.
  4. Coordinate collaboration between the industry, government, and education sectors.
  5. Support private sector and public access to government services.
  6. Support the development of digital innovation centers and other initiatives by the office.
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Thailand Digital Valley is located in the Digital Park Thailand area in Laem Chabang Sub-district, Sriracha District, Chonburi Province. The approximate area is 30 acres, comprising a total of 5 buildings.

The building is DEPA Digital One Stop Service.

The area of 1,500 square meters serves as a One Stop Service (OSS) facility to facilitate investors and functions as the central hub for connecting data to the city's smart command center. It will feature a system supporting city management in the form of an Intelligent Operation Center, driving the implementation of smart city policies. Additionally, it will act as a coordination center for the Digital Economy Promotion Agency, Eastern Region branch.

The building is the Digital Startup Knowledge Exchange Centre (Innovation Building IoT 1).

The area is 4,500 square meters and serves as a digital innovation learning exchange center. It includes co-working spaces, offices, and commercial areas.

The building is the Digital Innovation Centre (Innovation Building IoT 2).

The area covers 40,000 square meters and serves as a hub for digital innovation. It includes spaces for testing 5G technology (5G Testing Lab), a laboratory for artificial intelligence systems (Artificial Intelligent Lab), a data center, a center for designing IoT and smart systems (IoT Design Center), a prototyping fabrication lab for IoT innovations (Prototyping Fabrication Lab), and a space for designing and testing mechatronics and robotics (Mechatronics and Robotics Lab).

The Digital Edutainment Complex (IoT Innovation Building 3)

An area of 20,000 square meters designed to support activities that ignite creative thinking, foster connections, exchange learning, and challenge capabilities. It includes features such as a Robotic School, Robot Fighting Arena, Drone School, and Drone Racing Arena.

Digital Go Global Centre (IoT Innovation Building 4)

The 20,000 square meters area serves as an International Digital and Innovation Center for designing and testing digital technology and innovations on a global scale. It is designated to foster Thai startup businesses, expanding their market internationally through creative product design and development. The focus is on creating innovative products and developing them for the global market.

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Thailand Digital Valley welcomes investors to join funding initiatives for the development of digital technology and innovation in Thailand. The targeted groups for invitation consider various dimensions to drive and propel the digital industry, including the following:

  1. Digital Technology and Innovation Development Target:

    • Focus on inviting leading global technology companies expected to drive the future digital economy of the country. This includes areas such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Next Generation Telecom, Distributed Ledger Technology, Quantum Computing, and Automation.
  2. Digital Incubation and Acceleration Target:

    • Aim to invite businesses related to providing comprehensive support for digital business operations. This includes consulting in finance and law, incubation/acceleration centers, and digital learning academies.
  3. Community Creation Target:

    • Focus on inviting businesses that utilize technology and digital innovation for products and services targeting residents in the area. Examples include businesses supporting smart retail, smart living, smart transport, and smart energy.
  4. National and International Network Organization Target:

    • Emphasis on inviting organizations, units, and business partners to coordinate network creation and strengthen the digital industry nationally and globally. This involves collaboration with government agencies, both domestic and international, associations, alliances, and business partners.

Benefits of Investment in Thailand Digital Valley @Digital Park Thailand


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depa aims to develop the space into an IoT innovation space through collaboration with the private sector.

Service: IoT Innovation Maker Space is a center that helps generate ideas for innovators, startups, students, and individuals looking to create and design technology products. It provides consultation on conceptualization, feasibility, prototype design, testing, technical advice, and supports the entire production process for market distribution. This includes creating products that are functional and marketable. The space also serves as a training ground for design and product innovation to develop digital professionals in the country.

Service Scope: The service is divided into 9 business units.

(Consultation Services)

(Marketing Services)

(Facility Services)
(Mass Production)
Equipment/Material Sourcing Services, both domestically and internationally
(Design Services)
(Standard Certification Services)
Product Distribution Agency Services, both domestically and internationally


depa collaborates with AIS to jointly develop the digital innovation infrastructure, including the development of a platform for developers and providing consultation on developing new products in the digital technology sector. The collaboration aims to drive digital innovation development, as well as support and promote the utilization of benefits from IoT institutions as part of the IoT ecosystem in Thailand.


  1. Co-working space for technology companies, entrepreneurs, or those interested in applying new technologies in their organizations. This includes fostering collaboration between various organizations.
  2. Consultation services for innovation in design, technology, and business operations in the technology field.
  3. Workshop activities for students, scholars, and interested entrepreneurs. Experts will provide close consultation, and activities will be organized monthly based on current technology trends.


The IoT Institute and Digital Innovation collaborate with VISTEC (Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology) and PTT Public Company Limited to establish the Thailand Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (VISTEC-depa AI Research Center) at two locations. The goal is to develop the AI industry and innovation.


  1. Comprehensive services for the development of the AI industry and innovation, including equipment and tools for study, experimentation, and testing for research and knowledge exchange in AI.
  2. Training and knowledge transfer in AI, Data Science, and IoT by leading experts in the field.


depa partners with Nipa Technology Co., Ltd., a developer of innovative Thai public cloud services. The collaboration aims to facilitate innovation projects for IoT Innovation groups and startups, enhancing efficiency and flexibility with low-cost operations. It supports rapid scalability and is beneficial for research and development of innovations for entrepreneurs.


  1. Consulting services for implementing Cloud Computing systems for different innovation projects with different use cases.
  2. Support and guidance using Nipa Cloud services for development, including training in basic and advanced cloud system usage.
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Criteria for Requesting the dSURE Symbol for Digital Products

  1. Announcement from the Office of the Digital Economy Promotion Agency Regarding the Criteria for Requesting the dSURE Symbol for Digital Products:
  2. Announcement from the Office of the Digital Economy Promotion Agency Regarding the List of Certified Units in the dSURE Symbol Network:
  3. Announcement from the Office of the Digital Economy Promotion Agency Regarding the Criteria for Cloud Service Providers or Data Centers in the dSURE Symbol Network:
  4. Announcement from the Office of the Digital Economy Promotion Agency Regarding the Criteria for Cybersecurity Certification Units in the dSURE Symbol Network:
  5. Announcement from the Office of the Digital Economy Promotion Agency Regarding the Criteria for Digital Service Accounting to Promote Thai Digital Entrepreneurs (Additional Amendment No. 3):

  • Note: dSURE testing criteria are as per Appendices A, B, and C.
    1. dSURE 1 Star (Safety - Factory production must meet ISO 9001 standards)
    2. dSURE 2 Stars (Safety + Functionality/Cybersecurity)
    3. dSURE 3 Stars (Safety + Functionality + Cybersecurity)
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Who is Thailand 5G Alliance?

The Thailand 5G Alliance is a collaboration between public and private sector organizations in the development and application of 5G technology. Its shared goals include driving the development and widespread application of 5G technology to enhance production efficiency, reduce costs, elevate quality of life, and promote the widespread adoption of 5G technology.


The objectives of establishing the Thailand 5G Alliance are as follows:

  1. Foster the potential and readiness of the country to apply 5G technology across various sectors, including manufacturing and services industries, agriculture, healthcare, tourism, and expand its practical use on a regional level.

  2. Promote the creation of knowledge and skills related to 5G technology, as well as other relevant technologies, among professionals, including key stakeholders.

  3. Raise awareness and understanding of issues related to 5G, such as cybersecurity, among the general public.

  4. Serve as a platform to coordinate collaboration between the public sector, private sector, and educational institutions in Thailand and internationally to address obstacles, regulations, and necessary developments for the adoption and application of 5G technology.

  5. Encourage and support the development of an ecosystem for 5G technology, including the development of 5G networks and ecosystems.

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