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Digital Startup Ecosystem Development

The Digital Economy Promotion Agency, initiated by the Digital Economy Promotion Institute, sets the goal of building a network and creating growth potential for digital startups (From Startup to Scale Up). The aim is to strengthen Thailand's digital economy and establish a leading role both regionally and globally.

In accordance with the Strategic Plan for Digital Economy Promotion for the years 2018-2021, Thailand envisions transitioning to a digital economy with a knowledgeable society capable

Over the past 3-4 years, Thailand has placed significant importance on the development of digital startups, resulting in increased attention both domestically and internationally. The country has become a focal point for large enterprises looking to collaborate with startups, particularly in the ASEAN region. Additionally, there has been a surge of new players entering the digital startup ecosystem, contributing to Thailand's recognition in various dimensions on the global stage.

Simultaneously, the landscape for developing digital startups globally has undergone notable changes due to the rapid emergence of new digital technologies, such as blockchain and transformative technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Digital startups with potential in developing these technologies are highly competitive and attract global investments. The top sectors receiving the highest increase in investments over the past 5 years include Advanced Manufacturing & Robotics, AgTech & New Food, Blockchain, and AI, Big Data & Analytics. Consequently, it is imperative for Thailand to prioritize the development of digital startups with technological potential to ensure long-term competitiveness.