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The new generation will be a vital force that will drive the country in the future. It is inevitable that we are living in an era of digital disruption that evolves to new innovations that cover new products, platforms and business models. This affects the value of products and services that already available in the market, such as,  smartphone that cause tremendous changes in all sectors in work and personal used which directly affects the results of operations and management to all sectors in both the public and private. 

For the organization to survive and grow according to its goals. The most importance is human resources which are the mechanisms for driving in every mission. In particular, corporate executives must have administrative competencies in digital missions to have potential and be ready to respond for changing in all dimensions, including social, economic, commercial and investment.

Digital Economy Promotion Agency has been organized the Young Digital CEO (1st generation) course with emphasis on the essence in 4 aspects 1) Digital for Economy : DE  2) Digital for Society : DS  3) Digital for Manpower : DM  4) Digital for Transformation : DT by using participatory learning and sharing experiences between learners and expert mentors. In addition, there are 4 learning activities  1) Visiting digital organizations and cutting-edge technology in the country  2) Visiting digital organizations and cutting-edge technology abroad 3) Learning Activities in 4 subgroups (DE,DS,DM.DT) To summarize lessons, achievements and suggestions for create a academic work. and 4) An activity for a new generation to promote the digital economy for building cooperation between individuals and organizations.

Young Digital CEO #1 course has available between May 2019 to November 2019 with a total period of 133 hours.

More Information : Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa)

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