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Criteria for Smart City Development


Smart Environment

It is a city that focuses on improving quality and increasing efficiency. Management effectiveness And monitoring Systematic and environmental conditions such as water management, climate care Disaster surveillance and increase public participation in the conservation of natural resources.

Smart Governance

It is a city that focuses on the development of service systems for people to access government services conveniently and rapidly, increasing people's participation channels. Including the opening for the public to access the information to make it transparent and verifiable.

Smart Mobility

It is a city that focuses on convenience, efficiency, and safety in traveling and transport. And environmentally friendly.

Smart Energy

It is a city that focuses on improving the energy efficiency of the city. Or use alternative energy which is clean energy (Renewable Energy) such as biomass fuel Electricity from renewable energy And electricity from other energies etc.

Smart Economy 

It is a city that focuses on increasing efficiency and agility in business operations. Create business connections and cooperation And apply innovation In the development to change the business (such as smart agricultural cities Smart tourist city, etc.)

Smart Living

It is a city that focuses on providing services that facilitate livelihood such as health services to ensure people have good health and well-being. Especially to prepare for the aging society Increasing the safety of the people through crime surveillance. To promoting suitable living facilities.

Smart People 

It is a city that focuses on developing citizens to have the knowledge and can apply technology to benefit both the economy and livelihood. Create an environment that promotes creativity and informal learning. Including promoting coexistence with social diversity.